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Multiple unauthorized charges of $4.99, FreedomPop Basic Plan

Chuck TamChuck Tam Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I just checked my account and realized I have been getting charged each month, since January 2017, for $4.99/month (6 x $4.99 now) despite my plan only being the free FreedomPop Basic plan with zero overages on my allocated monthly minutes, texts, and data.

I initially topped off my account as well, when I first signed up for the service--although, I have never exhausted the monthly free allocations. This is very deceptive and predatory, since I primarily use this line for my elderly mother, who wouldn't even have known of this issue, if I had not checked for her. Why am I receiving these charges?


  • Rajendar MallepallyRajendar Mallepally Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    They also charged $5.00 twice for a free plan...it is completely unauthorized
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  • Dennis FieldDennis Field Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie

    Its possible you both downgraded the data plan but not additional services from the account. You can use this link for a how to guide on how to remove add on services: https://support.freedompop.com/app/featured/answer/id/3315

    I feel that it is unethical and consumer-hostile to make it this hard to go from the initial free trial to a completely downgraded account. People who aren’t extremely careful to read the details and do the research have in the past and will continue to get unexpected charges. This is an unfortunate way to make money and not likely to be sustainable, as you get people who will tell their friends, family, and the internet “don’t use Freedompop” based on an experience like this that could’ve been avoided.

    What if you turned it around so that the free trial just starts as the free plan, made it amazingly easy to use, and made the paid services simple and completely OPT-IN (as in, all accessible from one page so that it was never a chore to run around and turn on/off all the switches)? Would you find that more people would pay up, or recommend your service their friends and family? Maybe. That’s my guess.

    I know that’s easier said than done, you’d need some killer UI engineering to overhaul it, and that’s not cheap. That, and maybe the carrier is not exactly helping in this regard (I can’t imagine they’re actually giving it away for free, you must be using it as a loss leader). But taking some steps toward a more consumer-friendly approach would get me to bring you more business, and maybe other people as well, and maybe it’d pay for itself in the end.

    I work at an automotive company that occasionally needs to use a couple of phone accounts to test calling and data services for a month or three - we tried Verizon but that quickly went out the window when they made it such a pain to swap a SIM to a different phone. My inclination then was to use T-mobile because of their exceptional service and no contracts–at the time it was $30 and then $10 to add on two phone accounts and got 1 GB of full speed data each, throttled afterward. So, on average $20. That’s dangerously close to Freedompop’s lowest paid plan, which has everything except the unlimited throttled data afterward. T-mobile of course no longer offers that plan, everything is unlimited (except streaming video?). So, the next time I need a couple of test phone accounts, I would love to have a good reason to recommend that the company opt for a Freedompop plan instead, but I am hesitant because of the confusing experience I’ve had thus far and reading about experiences like those here in this thread. But it would be so amazing to be able to just easily switch down to a free account when the phones aren’t needed so much, switch up when they are, and always have consistent, predictable billing.

    Just my two cents.
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