Roll over finally explained?

Allen Kurt Allen Kurt Posts: 74FreedomPop Newbie
Ok, put this in the FAQ if it's correct:

I use .5gb of a 2Gb Data plan with the Premiere Services subscribed to. In month 2 I see I have 2.5Gb as it is in the "fine print" that only 500mb (.5Gb) is "rollable". Certainly leaves a bad taste in one's mouth as it is not explicitly stated in the "Premiere" advertising that this is the case but is buried somewhere in a response. That ad subtly alludes it all is
rollable but not explicitly. OK fine **** lawyerly advice.

Now there is some other information that seems to suggest that this "rolled over" .5Gb
does not "go away" the next month if it's not used up? Say I only use .5Gb of this 2.5Gb in the current "2nd" month. There's 2Gb left at the end. So does that "original" .5Gb get rolled
over again along with another .5Gb giving a total of 3G at the beginning of month 3 ?
(The $30.00 pays for a new 2Gb and the privilege of being able to "carry over" a non
destructive .5Gb that will stay in the account if not used up I take it.)

If so, sounds like an 8th grade math problem. If the rule is hard "an" fast only 500mb is
rollable, will never get above 2.5Gb in any one month and the 20Gb limit is a shill advertising ****.

I suspect the .5gb is as described in my first scenario above. If only .5gb is used in month
3 of the 3Gb, 1.5Gb is now carried over and the stash becomes 3.5Gb and again if the
1.5Gb "banked' data is not eaten into, 2Gb is carried over the next month.

Will a FreedomPop representative please confirm or deny this. The accumulation of Data for users who want to take semi-remote trips that will entail high Data usage would like to know. It might make it worth our while to stick to the economies of FP rather than switch to a higher priced unlimited plan by a competitor.

Cleaning up the advertising with an explanation would avoid the post of people tick off
on the roll over thing. Kurt
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