Viber is no longer an option

crvee12crvee12 Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
For those newbie to the freedompop community and wants to install Viber, this is no longer an option. This is as of June 30, 2017...


Our top priority is to protect users from spam or harassment through our services. As part of our ongoing efforts to stop the abuse of our service, we’ve recently found that VoIP numbers are a significant tool in the hands of spammers. Because of this, we’ve taken action to block the ability to activate new accounts using VoIP numbers.

VoIP numbers that are already registered and active on Viber will not be affected, but new VoIP numbers will not be able to activate Viber. This also includes users with VoIP numbers that have changed mobile devices. Running Viber on the new device requires a new activation, which is not allowed for VoIP numbers anymore.

We’ve seen a significant decrease in spam reports since this change, which is great news for most users, but we are completely aware of the negative effects of this change on innocent users as well.

I do hope that one day we’ll have an option to allow specific VoIP numbers to activate Viber, but at this point in time there is no estimation for when something like this might become available. I know that this must be very frustrating and I’m sorry that there is nothing that I can do to remedy the situation.

Thanks for reaching out.

Best Regards,
Riley S.
Viber Support Team
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