Phone will not call out!

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Hello, my number 828 610 8701 will not call out, I can receive calls and text and even get on the internet but when I try to call out it says calls have been disabled and to call 611 or call 1 800 331 0500 which is att.. so please help ..What's going on? I need to be able to call out on my phone.


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    See my post :

    While trying to make outgoing call via cellular network, calls fail. It happens for all phones (GSM or CDMA) or SIM cards (World SIM or LTE SIM). Latest Freedompop Messaging App ver. 20.01.864.0629 freezes or crashes. I tested multiple phones (mine and my friends) and the result is the same.

    Regardless of network (Sprint LTE, Global SIM 4G on AT&T, Global SIM 4G on T-Mobile, 4G LTE SIM on AT&T), outgoing calls do not work: messaging app freezes, crashes or just does not pops up to intercept the call from dialer (in last case, the call is routed via Sprint network and fails).

    Messaging App still receives incoming calls and text messages.
    Outgoing text messages work fine

    While on Wi-Fi, outgoing calls work.
    If I disable LTE in phones settings and switch to CDMA/3G, outgoing calls work. So, the problem is with Messaging App on CDMA phones while on LTE only, for GSM phones switch to 3G does not help.

    Accounts are not blocked and "in good standing".

    The problem is definitely within the app: after downgrade to ver. 19.02.789.0405 the problem disappeared on all devices.
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    Yes I have the same problem, will not call out or text out on cellular, will work on WiFi only, tried everything, disabled,, unistalled, reinstalled, nothing works. What is the fix for this,? Freedompop knows this problem but I haven't got a fix for it. Been like this for over a month. If anyone knows the fix, let me know thanks...
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    Down grade to what?
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