How to stop calls from 1002, 1003, 1005, etc.

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I know these calls have something to do with SIP. I have been able to determine that it is NOT connected to the phone number itself as I have the app logged in to the same account on 4 different devices and the ghost calls only happen on the android phone (the other devices are all Apple). Legitimate calls ring all devices. My son lost the phone that has the SIM card for this account (somewhere in the house) and we have not yet replaced it. We have simply logged in to his account on different devices in the meantime. I've unintalled the app on the Android for a few days. When we re-installed the app, the ghost calls began again. I logged out of the app, but did not un-install the app, and the ghost calls continued. I uninstalled the app again and the ghost calls stopped. The Apple devices are not his, so it's not the best solution. The Android phone is his so we want him to be able to use that device. It does not have a data plan, just wifi. His freedompop number is the one he uses with his friends. If I can't make this stop, I will most likely look at options to Port the number elsewhere. I would prefer to figure out how to make the SIP calls stop.


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    @Vle045 - do you have control of the router providing the WiFi access your son's android? Depending on the answer & the capabilities of the router, you may be able to control how incoming SIP packets are handled. The FP Messaging app also has a checkbox 'Use Random Ports' under Settings->Network, which if checked might help prevent the SIP scanners - however, it may also cause issues with genuine incoming calls & I'm not sure if all app versions consistently support the option.

    It'd be nice if the FP app could include some wildcard call blocking options, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on that one...

    BTW, are the iPhones using the same WiFi, or are they using cellular data? If the latter, that might explain why they're not being affected.
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