Can anyone offer ANY solution to our picture text issue to non-FreedomPop users?

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Loving FreedomPop so far. Got a nice phone and the call quality is impressive. Since all this is free it's really impressive.

Maybe the answer is staring me in the face but for the life of me I cannot figure out a way to send a picture text to anyone. It seems like every texting app (including FreedomPop) is perfectly capable of sending a regular text to any phone, or sending a picture text to a phone where that person is running the same texting app (Talkatone, FreedomPop, etc.).

The issue is I can't find a way to send or receive picture texts from my FreedomPop phone to friends and family that aren't running an app, they are just using their native built in text app. I don't expect them all to download something just for me and I doubt they would.

So is there a solution here? I simply can't have a phone where I can't snap a pic and quickly text it to friends and family. I downloaded Google Hangout but it won't send a text at all.


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    @jasonwilsonfl‌ - Currently we do not support MMS messaging to non-FreedomPop users. We do hope to add more features soon though!
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    Hmm, I was just hoping the internet had found a workaround ;)
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    Google voice probably @jasonwilsonfl
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    You could attach the picture to an email and send it to the recipient's email address or their carrier's email to MMS gateway such as [email protected] for AT&T subscribers. More gateways are listed here:
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    Taylor said:

    @jasonwilsonfl‌ - Currently we do not support MMS messaging to non-FreedomPop users. We do hope to add more features soon though!

    @Taylor‌ Just out of curiosity. Is the issue with this something to do with figuring out how the traffic is used? Like if it is data or text? If not could you give us some insight on what causes this to be an issue?


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    Im not sure why you guys are having difficulties. What happens is, you will receive a text message that says, "I'd like to send you a media file. View it here:" And then it is followed by a link to the picture. Click on the link and it opens up in a web browser, and prompts me to download. That is if I send it to my phone. I can also send it to a google voice number, which is completely dissociated with my phone, and the same sends me a link. Click on the link, and there is your picture. So MMS does work, just not like a normal MMS. It takes you to the website:

    So, if you are having issues with MMS, maybe something else is going on.

    Just to clarify, I am using the FP Voice and text app. This is the app ONLY, not one that is attached to a phone. I will try it on my "activated" phone when I get home later. I have two that is app only with a random phone number, and one that is activated on a different phone.
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    I concur with Iman. It does work just how he explained, I have tried it myself.
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