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Help with Sprint HTC One M7

Fernando LopesFernando Lopes FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 10

ON July 20th, I bought a chip. However, the phone (Sprint HTC One M7) that was passed down to me is locked to Sprint. It gives me "Invalid Sim Card - 4G Services are unavailable as the SIM/UICC is invalid. Please contact Customer care." Therefore, I went to BYOD and purchased an activation to bring my own device. After downloading the FreedomPop app, I was given yet another number, different from the chip I ordered on July, 20th. The number is working for calls and texts, but I didn't have to do anything with the BYOD number I was given. I'm thinking I didn't need to have purchased the BYOD activation at all. Can I ask for a refund? And is there a way to make that 4G error go away/be fiex?

Thank you!
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