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Received S5 Yesterday, Ridiculously Low Battery Life

turnkeyfriendturnkeyfriend Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
Hello. I received my S5 yesterday to replace my cracked Moto E. The battery was at0% when I opened the box so I charged it up to 100%. I brought the phone to work with me, and when I arrived it was at 92%. I used the phone only on my 2 breaks (30 minutes each) and after the 8 hours I left work with the phone at 13%. The battery life would drop roughly 40% while using it on breaks, which was spent almost entirely using FB messenger. I know the battery life won't be as nice as the Moto E since the S5 is faster, but I only got an hour use of the phone and it died on the way home. Where I live there is 4g service everywhere so the phone was not searching for a signal continuously or anything like that.

How do I find out if the battery is just bad? And will FP send me a new battery to replace or will I have to order one myself from somewhere? Thank you for any help!
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