why can't I activate my phone?

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1st) woot/freedom pop shipped me my phone really quickly, I was kind of surprised about that considering all the reviews that said Freedom pop took forever to ship stuff out... I was prepared to wait weeks, but it only took a couple days... just wanted to say good job on that...

2nd) my only issue right now is it keeps asking me for the email address I used to create an account, but it keeps insisting that I spelled my email wrong... considering my email is just my first name_last [email protected] I find it fairly unlikely that I would spell it wrong, actually I am reasonable certain I do in fact know how to spell my name... so what else could be the issue? why wont FP allow me to activate my Woot/FP SII phone?


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    @somewhatlost, if you bought it from a vendor sponsored by FreedomPop like woot or groupon then I am not surprised by the speed you got it in. That problem exists only with the FP provided phones do to their having to make changes in the phones and refurbishing them prior to assigning and shipping. So good for you!

    as to the other issue I am just wondering if you are using the appropriate page in your acount to activate the phone? Is it covered as byod or did it come pre-set up? I don't know if that makes a difference. I think your best bet is to [email protected] for assistance since it may be a account problem. He can verify the spelling you used or at least help you get activated.
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    Spam folder! good reply Iman!
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    hey, I just noticed something... the MAC in the phone does not match what FP website says it is... is that normal? does that matter?
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    oh, I got all that... emails come in fine, and I can log into my account on the FP website with a browser (either from phone/wifi or desktop)...
    it is just when the phone tries to connect/activate/whatever it does it asks for my email and then claims it there is an error...
    I did notice that what the FP website says my phones MAC address is does not match with what the sticker on the phones says its MAC address is... I wonder if that may have something to do with something?
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    @miguel lopez or @Iman- Just curious, if a device comes from a different vendor, is it possible that it could have a different email associated with it from a previous user?
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