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I set up a new account yesterday for BYOD with an old sprint iPhone 4.

Because my free trial includes the premium voice services I am able to make phone calls and receive phone calls, but I am not able to download the app from the App Store as my phone uses iOS 7.1.2 and the version on the App Store requires iOS 8 or above.

I followed all the instructions I could find, and my phone is listed as one that will work with FreedomPop, but I'm unable to get the app.

Is there someplace other than the App Store I can download a previous version of the app? Or is there a workaround for this?


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    Another user posted this to same question. I haven't tried it as I do not have an iPhone 4.
    Try to "buy" the app using itunes on a computer, then go to the app store on the phone and try to install it. It should give you an option to install the last working version for your phone. I've had to do this with other apps that stopped supporting such old iOS versions.

    I use a global sim card in an old iphone4, same iOS version. It does work just not that well.
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