I can not get the sim to work in California

Victor  ValdezVictor Valdez Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I am having problem with not being able to call or receive a call. I have a Coolpad phone that works with 3g, 4g and Lte 41. For some reason when I try to use it dials then ends the call. I got a 4G signal on the phone but it just wont connect a call. This is my 2nd sim and my 1st one had that issue, but they I went to WI it magically worked. Then somehow when I got back home it sorta worked, but dialing a number I had to put a 1 plus it does not connect sometimes. The issue is the 2nd sim dont know what I did to get the 1st one to work(it was magic). Any suggestions?


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