FreedomPop 803s LTE Hotspot not connecting to 4G LTE

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My Sierra Wireless 803s 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotspot will no longer connect to 4G LTE. The hotspot stopped connecting to 4G a long time ago. However, it had continued to connect to 4G LTE until a few months ago. I'm not sure when it stopped connecting because I don't use the hotspot very often and assumed there were network issues. But now over the past several months I have been unable to connect to 4G LTE even when sitting at the base of a 4G LTE tower. Has the network changed? I've updated the 3G PRL and the 3G Profile. I'm sure that 4G LTE is enabled and preferred. On the 4th information screen on the 803s it reports 3G Status: Connected, 4G Status: Powered Off, 4G LTE Status: Power Save. When I press the Power button it does a scan for 4G LTE but never finds it. Page 6 of the display says my device software is fully up to date.

Does the 803s no longer work on any 4G LTE network?


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    @dlarryj - I've had this issue on both my 803s units since the beginning of the year & went thru the same loops of trying to update PRL/Profiles & checking settings - additionally, there's been a number of posts on the forums indicating issues with these devices connecting to 4G LTE in areas which previously provided good connections. At least one post indicated that 4G LTE was still possible when they were in a different city.

    Last month, I submitted a ticket & received the following response:
    It is our understanding that you're having issues on the connection to 4G LTE on your hotspot that now connects along 3G despite setting it up for a 4G preferred network.

    First we would like to express our deepest regret for the inconvenience this has caused you. This issue has already been ongoing in our end for the past weeks due to some problems on towers of 4G. Rest assured that it would be isolated in a timely manner.

    So FP appear to be aware of the issue, but it doesn't yet appear to have been resolved (despite my ticket being marked as solved >:) ).
  • dlarryjdlarryj Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    If anyone's 803s hotspot is successfully connecting to 4G LTE, please let us know about it. Thanks!
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