Samsung S6 Edge bluetooth connection to car's hands-free system

Denis AbramovDenis Abramov Posts: 12FreedomPop Newbie
I am having an issue using my Samsung S6 Edge phone with my car's bluetooth hands-free system. The car I am trying to connect to is a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder.

I used to have service from AT&T (GoPhone plan). The phone had no issues working with the car's hand's free system. The dialer worked fine and no issues receiving calls.

Now I have switched to FreedomPop. It looks like the way FreedomPop's service works is that I dial a number using the standard dialer on my phone and when I press "Call", the standard dialer opens FreedomPop's messaging app which dials and connects the number. This works and I can also receive calls through FreedomPop's messaging app.

When I am connected to the car's hands free system and try to dial, my phone opens the standard dialer app and switches to Freedom Pop's messaging app so it's just like me trying to make a call manually (as above). The problem is that when connected to the car's hands-free system the dialer app RECEIVES the number to dial from the car's hands-free system and opens FreedomPop's messaging app but immediately the car's hands-free system disconnects from the phone or just gets stuck staying "connecting" with no rings being audible. Looking at the FreedomPop messaging app on my phone when this is happening I see that it is open but it isn't dialing any number.

How do I get FreedomPop to work with my car's bluetooth system?
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