byod lg v20 us996 unlocked data issues

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Just got a shiny new(ish) us996 v20 from bhphoto, and while it worked fine on wifi, of course, had issues with getting data access. Here's what finally worked.

Apn settings: i got these from my other phone, an att locked note 4 i had working. not sure if this made a diff, but they are a bit different.


-this probably is irrelevant

apn same:

apn type: default,hipri

this is a variation from the recommended, but not sure if it matters

network settings: go to more at bottom of networks tab in settings, then system select


this allows you to access lte/gsm/umts settings underneath;

network submode
lte/legacy 3gpp multi

network operators

hit search for network operators

counterintuitively choose

i tried att/rat:lte which you would think would be it but no dice. as soon as i hit the above, boom 4g lte pops up

hope this helps anyone eyeing one of these beasts
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