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Activation Step Required / Your account is dormant Error: 205

VstrVstr Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I'm getting a couple of error messages on my phone. When I power it up I get an "Activation Step Required" popup (and a selected network is not available). When I click on the FreedomPop Messaging app I get a similar "Activation Step Required - Contact customer support to activate message", clicking OK clears the error and the app closes. When I open the My Freedom Pop app, I get a red box, saying "Your account is dormant due to non-usage. To wake it up click the button below. Error: 205". The is no button, and I've clicked everywhere and it does nothing.

Now, it's true I haven't used the phone it a while (it was lost - long story!). I can log into the FP website and it saying I've not used and voice/data, but in the top right there is a spinning circle. I've tried to submit a ticket, but the app just asks me to log in again and again. I've reset the password, with no joy.

Can anyone help?

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