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IMPORTANT! Lost My Phone Big Whoops

forlottoforlotto Posts: 14FreedomPop Newbie
I had a Galaxy 5 Tmobile for which I had the global sim. Well here is the issue I just had got the LTE sim about a month ago so I have be test driving it for the last month to see if it was going to be worth slapping it in a new phone so what I did was store my global sim under my battery so I wouldn't "LOSE IT" ....

Yesterday leaving work I left the phone on the hood of my car I believe and did not realize it until now a day later I'm looking all over for it and it dawned on me I set it on the hood cause my hands were full was carrying a jacket, keys, phone, desktop PC and had to open my door I set something on the hood of my car which I believe was my phone and I must have never grabbed it .

So where my phone is now who knows someone likely cleverly disabled it by removing the battery as it hasn't synced since about 2hrs after work yesterday and there was more than enough battery for it to last through today as well so I am assuming someone stole it and wiped the phone stole my sd card removed my sim and so on.

But I cannot be sure that someone wont rack up a shit ton of data on either one of my sim cards very annoying!

I can never get ahold of support the only thing I can do is come here and pray for help.

I need both sim cards deactivated actually I'd like my whole account removed so it removes every device and my email so I can sign up again with the same email when I get a new phone and new sim card(s)!

But I would like not to get charged for anything beyond this as it would be the thief who uses up my data and such!

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  • trackballtrackball Posts: 1,583FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭✭✭
    When you call fp, there's a option to cancel devi. never did it, but it says devi. and not acct.
    You can have multi. sims in 1 acct. but don't.

    99 cent sim. sale.

    Don't you think it's 'road pizza', maybe you can recover the sim.
  • forlottoforlotto Posts: 14FreedomPop Newbie
    Cannot seem to find the number support tickets no longer work. What is the email for support and the number for support? Used to be much easier to find this information.

    I need help kinda urgently I'd be willing to pay for support when I need it but not when I don't this is a practice they should consider. 1day of phone support for 5.00 or something that would be cool. This way the people that really want quick remedies can get them. They need to do better with support I believe if they moved to this model rather than charging people for "premium whatever" they could make more money. Imagine how much cash they could make in a day enough to support some wages for support I would assume.

    This is one of those deals where it is a must to talk to your provider.

    Would be nice if they could track the sim somehow. I tried to track with my google account but it stopped syncing 2 days ago 2hours after it came up missing.

    Don't know that it is road pizza I lost it within 5 miles of road this much I know and it was possibly picked up?


    I need to do the following:
    Have my account and all my devices removed completely from the server.
    Then I need to register for a new account with the same email.
    Next I need to purchase an LTE SIM Card.
    Next I need to purchase a Global SIM Card.
    Next I need to purchase an unlocked GSM Galaxy S5
    Next I need to add these all to my new account.
    Next I need to add my freedompop Internet Dongle to my account.

    If I can trace my other sim card's location lets do it!
    If I cannot well then whatever it is what it is.

    Please help me out here I am bleeding to death :persevere:
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