please help to get the lte sim work on my own unlocked samsung phone

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so frustrated after the new lte sim arrived. please help
i inserted to my unlocked samsung s7 edge, set the correct apn and download the freedompop message app. it always popup the message my device need to activate and after so many calls to the customer service. it not go through but get worse the myfreedompop app show error 303 on this sim card.
i purchase the sim from directly it should be pre activated.
iccid: 89011704278121028072
login to my account on computer is ok., and my other freedom pop device and number is ok
if technical need my device id/esn/imei, i will send private message
thanks in advance.
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    You also must download the Fpop messaging app to use the phone. You said the my FreedomPop app which is a companion app.
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