No Clue how this works... enlighten me

Brendan FlanaganBrendan Flanagan Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
So I've had a moto e on Freedompop for about a year, and I was looking to upgrade to a better/newer phone, but I don't know how byod device works or what I need to look for when buying a phone for byod.

So basically would this work?

Also is it possible for me to get an iPhone on Freedompop (for like $200 give or take $50) without buying it directly from Freedompop?

Thanks for the help,


  • TOTFJoeTOTFJoe Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    Hi Brendan,

    The BYOD program is specifically for phones locked to Sprint's network, and incur an additional $19.99 fee when activating them on FreedomPop's service.

    Many phones come unlocked, like iPhone and others. These would not be eligible for the BYOD program, BUT all you would have to do is buy FreedomPop's SIM card kit and simply insert it into the phone. I did this with my iPhone 6+ (formerly on AT&T) and it has been working perfectly.

    Finally, yes any unlocked iPhone with a SIM card slot would be valid for use with the SIM card kit. It does not have to be purchased from the carrier directly.

    Reply if you have any other questions!
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