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My Galaxy S2 stopped charging a couple of days ago. If I wiggle the connector around some and get it *just* right, it may charge for a while, but it's hard to get it to do so. I've tested with 2 different cables and same result. Is there anything that can be done?


  • @Joshua Kneidl‌ - I am sorry to hear that your battery does not work properly. Click the link below while signed into your account and you will be shipped a new battery for your phone:
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    Darla_A, its not battery issue, but its a charging jack issue. He tried three cords with same results. It ceases to charge unless he wiggles the usb plug on phoneside. Then only for a while then back to no charging. Looks more like a phone swap & keep the battery for replacement phone.
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  • @Joshua Kneidl@Rich Sias ( LastDay: 16th ) aka Chard Syes‌ before assuming he has broke the charger port, testing a new battery would be our first move. If that fails to work, then we can look into possibly getting a new device. If getting a new battery to try is something that the user does not want, we can go straight into looking at new devices. Just precautions :)
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