Lost all remaining data when downgrading my plan even though I have data rollover service

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Hey guys it was my first month using freedompop service this month. So it was my last day in my billing cycle today so I decided to downgrade from the 2GB plan to the free plan. I had purchased the Data Rollover Service a couple days after I got my device. Before downgrading, I had 789MB out of 2.84 GB left(2GB Plan Data + 862MB Earn & Share). Immediately after downgrading, it showed I had 0 MB out of 2.07GB(1.23GB Plan Data + 862MB Earn & Share). I'm not exactly sure what happened; hopefully someone could explain this to me. I remember seeing in another thread someone said that you can downgrade and rollover remaining data at the same time? Or are you just not allowed to downgrade to a free plan?


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    I suspect the 2gb was used first, the some of the 862. When you downgraded, the subtracted up to 2gb, leaving 0 bytes. You should be frozen until account recycles on month at end of day 0. If today was zero, then at 3 am tomorrow EDT, or midnight PDT, it will reset and unfreeze,
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