Global Sim no longer using AT&T?

dishedishe Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
I have a few Global SIMs that I use here in the US for family members. They used to get decent coverage using AT&T towers and occasionally T-mobile. But recently, my son pointed out that he is getting no service in places he used to. When he does connect, its often Edge, which I know AT&T no longer offers. I did some network diagnostics and can conclude that it seems my SIM is no longer connecting to AT&T at all, but only T-mobile's network here.
The coverage with just T-mobile is very very poor around here. Some places it is good (which is why I like having both on the Global Sim), but without the other networks to back it up, we can't use it. I just noticed this on at least one other SIM of ours as well. How can I get back on using both?


  • dimusdimus Posts: 130FreedomPop Newbie
    It looks like FP disabled roaming on AT&T network. My Global SIM also roams only on T-Mobile.
  • Ralph (U770, last day 8th)Ralph (U770, last day 8th) Posts: 52FreedomPop Newbie
    dimus said:

    It looks like FP disabled roaming on AT&T network. My Global SIM also roams only on T-Mobile.

    Same here, no AT&T access... only T-mobile towers are connecting at this point.
  • tech_stitchtech_stitch Posts: 21FreedomPop Newbie
    Add me to the list. In fact, our two Global sims stay stuck on either no service or the Roam indicator with barely any data being transferred. When in service, they used to show as being on "H" and not the "R" indicator.

    The behavior is the same for all unlocked devices I have tried (all which have the necessary hardware to support both services and required bands). I do live in an area with both AT&T and T-mobile service. I wonder if they are shutting / phasing these down after the switch to the LTE AT&T sims. In fact, I started to notice issues after they emailed indicating to upgrade to the new LTE sims.

    I did send support a message, so we will see what they respond with. If no resolution, cancel them and get the AT&T ones. I did like the idea of having the Global benefits and network flexibility (even with the dreaded UK IP).
  • dishedishe Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
    You guys who are getting it too... where are you located? I'm in upstate NY.

    Wonder if its regional or widespread. I have an LTE SIM too, which I can say does work, however I like the Global SIMs for a few reasons. Aside from being able to take it out of the country, it also lets me use them in phones which are not unlocked for domestic carriers. In other words, since it identifies as a European SIM card, even locked devices accept it and let me use it locally.

    I really am not interested in an LTE upgrade, I just want these to work as they did before.
  • fantasticfantastic Posts: 30FreedomPop Newbie
    all 4 globals go to edge now. Since At&t is not available anymore the & t-mobile's edge I've realized these global sims are now a bust. I've already had lte's so I'm now relying on them. Wave goodbuy to the globals...
  • perdakotbperdakotb Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    My global sim cannot even register on the network.
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