I tried to find this but do you use a sprint sim card or a sim card from freedompop

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    Freedompop uses a Sprint sim card. They do not have their own yet. The sim card simply allows them to access the LTE network. Sprint Sim cards are not like other companies sim cards, and don't carry personal information on them. In the future, if FP does make deals with other carriers, I am sure they will need to have their own sim cards.
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    @Iman is correct. Whenever FP decides to go GSM, we will see their own SIM cards but we won't anytime soon. FP does supply them for its new international service countries like Belgium but not for the US.
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    I must be missing something here. Freedompop and Sprint are CDMA (programmable) and not GSM (Sim card). So not sure what you folks are talking about.
  • @Warren Rose‌ - You can use and get a SIM card by going to your nearest Sprint or Apple store. For the time being, FreedomPop does not carrier their own SIM cards.
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    @Iman woot excellent explanation Iman!!! Very informative!
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    Wow didn't know that. Glad to know that they will be switching to a more universally compatible format.
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