$3.98 tax on $0.99 SIM

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This morning a search for "freedompop 99 cent sim" gets these top two links:

As shown in screen shot, both of these wanted to add $3.98 tax to my order, making the total $4.97. I did eventually find a different offer link that allowed me to order a SIM for 99 cents, but wondering what the explanation for $3.98 tax is for this other deal? The one with no tax did not include the 6 month renewal deal, just the normal monthly one.

(edit) Further experimentation has found the issue may be limited to just my state and on offers with 6 month renewal. It appears that it is adding sales tax based on the 6 month plan renewal cost (only the plan, not the premier service) of ~$78 ($12.99 x 6). I've tried with fake address in 5 other states none had this problem. I tried different locations that have different sales tax rates in my state and the tax amount changed in accordance with the varying local rates.
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