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Netgear zing invalid Sim error and piss poor signal

AutolycusAutolycus Posts: 18FreedomPop Newbie
Anyone know of a fix for the Sim issue? There's nothing wrong with the Sim, abs and half the time a reboot makes the message disappear. Plenty of data left. Device connects to 3g really slowly when am error occurs.

Additionally, coverage on this device is abysmal in general but over the last month or so it seems to have gotten painfully worse. Prl and profile updates have no effect at all. Roaming options make no difference. The cruddy coverage seems to affect both 3g and lte. I can set it next to other freedom pop devices and the other devices will have half to full strength signal while the Hotspot struggles to get one bar or maintain any signal at all.

I suspect these issues are related.
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