LTE sim in Iphone SE

joseph spooner jrjoseph spooner jr Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
so I got my sim in the mail yesterday (yey) I turned off my iPhone SE, which was working sans the no sim inserted I put the sim in it recognized it, but instead of going to my home screen it said activation required. and it went into a loop about activation lock stating my Apple ID. I typed it in and the screen said activating your iPhone. and then the screen showed the iTunes logo. so I plugged it into my macbook and iTunes recognized the iPhone and said this iPhone is activation locked. I typed my apple id in again this time on the mac. the home screen on the iPhone appeared for about 2 seconds and then it said activation required again. I did these steps about 4 times each ending at the same place again. I take the sim out and poof home screen appears and I can use the phone again (without LTE, because there is no sim inserted) any thoughts? thanks in advance!
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