Freedompop Ebay Samsung S3 Phone

FreePoopFreePoop Posts: 20FreedomPop Newbie
So I recently purchased a phone from freedompop on ebay. I've sent two emails regarding a concern but there has been no reply for days now. Not very professional. Anyway, my phone was shipped out but I'm not 100% certain why it was handed off to USPS. The listing shows FedEx ground/home. Ok cool, that's fine. But not okay when fedex does a **** & switch on me and it turns into "fedex smartpost". The problem is, the post office does not deliver to my home address. No way for me to know this ahead of time. When something says fedex ground, I expect the fedex truck to drop the package off at my home, not to the post office! So now it "bounced" and is on it's way back. I need details, maybe the shipping label was wrong?
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