Transferring HTC to another person, how do I reset it and clear my data?

Stanley FongStanley Fong Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I am giving my HTC EVO to a friend. How can I remove my email account and remove my Google account on the phone? I tried doing the ##786# reset but the 412032 code didn't work.

Do I need to do a factory reset via "SD & Phone Storage"? If so, won't I lose all the pre-installed Freedompop Apps?

Please help with step by step instructions because I'm a newbie. Thanks.


  • EdwinFreedomPopEdwinFreedomPop Posts: 60FreedomPop Newbie, US Support admin
    From our Support FAQ regarding Ownership Transfer:
    If you would like to give your device away and change your account information, here are a couple of steps to do so: You will have to change your billing information, name on the account, and the credit card attached to the account as well. This can all be done by logging into your account, and navigating to the Account Settings page under the My Account tab. Next you will need to replace the billing information by hovering over the "Billing" tab then click "Billing Settings."
    On the phone, the Factory Data Reset in "SD & Phone Storage" will remove all user data and restore the phone to its factory defaults.

    If the phone is a FreedomPhone, the FreedomPop apps will remain pre-installed on the phone.

    If the phone was activated through BYOD, you will need to do an MSL reset (the ##786# one). Then, you will need to download the FreedomPop Messaging app from the Google Play Store.
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