How come to have two hotspot devices in my account

Xianglan  LiXianglan Li Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I ordered a R803 back in Sep and a personal account is created at that time. When it arrives I tried to make it work for two days but no signal. After google I learned the device may not be activated yet, so I go to and activated by using email address of my account. It succeed and the device starts working. Later on I found there are two R850 listed in my account, one with better plan I ordered, 200M earned data and $5 credit, another one just plan free 500M data plan. Problem is first one does not work and 2nd one works. My hotspot network periodically has "connected no internet " error now, I think it could be caused by the duplicate devices. Can you combine them to remove 2nd one and make 1st one work?

Thank so much.
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