account is not active even after new billing cycle and have credit in the account

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Hi :

My account 832 915 2616 is not active and in status 300. It has been a new billing cycle and I have $5.00 credit on the account. But the data service still not work. Syn account not helpful. Please help.

Thank you!



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    This from the Support help:
    If you heard status code 300 message, when you called our customer service line, you have used all of your data for this period.

    Click here or log in at

    Go to My Account > Plans, to check for a plan upgrade.

    You can also enable auto top-up, or add credit to your account, to continue using your service.

    Finally, you can simply wait until your billing cycle renews. Your billing cycle renews on the same day every month.

    If you are having trouble adding credit or upgrading your plan, contact customer service for assistance at
    Go to your online account at and log in
    See your data usage.
    If a SIM - below 20 MB is suspended.
    add friends or do promotional signups for free data. Or upgrade plan to higher amount. Or wait for account to cycle.

    If CDMA phone using Sprint network, and is below 200 MB is suspended. Same help as above.
    Oh, it is a new cycle. Hmmm. Maybe a billing issue. Did your trial just end (the start of 2nd month). If you did not downgrade both plan and services then there may be a charge that got stuck somewhere. Low credit limit ?

    If it has been working for months, did your credit card expire date be Sept 2017 ? Without an updated expiration, it will hang the billing. Go billing in 'my' account and make your card changes there. Save. It should be able to complete the billing cycle and within minutes it should be workable again.
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