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I have received the new battery but it still drains so fast even I don't use the phone at all. I just wonder if I can reset the phone and see if it would be better and what to do to reset it. Please help.


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    @Han Duong‌ - Have you tried any other chargers to see if they may be the issue? If you have and are still having issues would you like to try an MSL or full factory reset?
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    I have just received a replacement HTC phone a week ago, but still battery runs like a rabbit. My first phone had battery run out within 6 hours (no usage), so requested a new battery, not much improving. Then it could not charge any more, so I returned the phone and here I have the replacement. Even though this phone looks new and battery seems new as well, it still acts like its twin brothers. I walked out of door at 8am with 100% charged and returned home 5pm with 7% left without even using it once. Do not tell me it's battery problem because it is not. I used battery doctor app to find that consume 44% of my battery! Not sure what it is. Guess it's Messaging app. Is there any way to curb this monster? By the way, I have the most recent version (18). The no. 2 consumer is Sprint Connection Optimizer which takes 17%. Do we really need this? Thanks for comments and suggestions.
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    Hi Taylor,
    I did try other, bur it doesnt help. However, I just also update the new message application, and the outgoing call is not working when it's on the wifi. I would like to try the one that you instruct others with the #786# and the MSL # and hope it works. I really appreciate for your help.
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    @Han Duong‌ - please try an MSL reset (this is a RESET so please back up important info); please dial ##786#. Select the "Reset" button and then enter your MSL code: 632143

    Press the Menu button and then hit the "Reset" button and your phone will restart.

    Once the phone has restarted it may enter hands free activation. If this does not happen, then you can do so by updating your phone's PRL and Profile manually. This can be done by going to Settings > Phone/ System updates > Update PRL and then repeat for update Profile.
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    @Han Duong‌ in another thread someone talks of stopping the sprint optimizer permanently. He found he was better off without it. This and maybe other lesser items shut, could boost your end of day to over 30% if you try hard.
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    Hi Taylor,
    Thanks for your info. I did reset my phone successfully, but the battery is not improving :(. With the old version of message app., everything is working fine, but with the new version, the outgoing is not working on WIFI. Do you think that I should keep the old version? Or what can I do to fix the outgoing? Please help. Thanks alot.
  • Han DuongHan Duong Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    @Taylor, I finally update the new version 18 of Messaging Appl., everything is working fine except the Outgoing call is not working when the phone is connect to Wifi. Please advise what should I do to make it work. Thank you
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    I just did a full device restore as advised by tech support and I too cannot make or receive calls over my home WiFi connection. 3G works fine, but once connected to my home wireless network, nothing. All FP apps were updated shortly after I got logged into Google with my account.

  • Han DuongHan Duong Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    @Rich Sias ( LastDay: 16th )‌ Thank you so much for your advise. I did turn off the sprint optimizer and the battery is pretty good now. Before I had about 85% and it's gone to 15% overnite without touching the phone. After I turn it off, it would drain only 20% overnite. It take me a while to find out where the sprint optimizer is, but it's worth it. Just for someone whom is interested go to Setting, More seting, Mobile network and Connections optimizer and uncheck it and it' s done.
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