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Hi, I placed an order for the Franklin Wireless R850 hotspot on 10/4. I was never asked for my email address, but I did receive an order number. I created an account using Forgot Password. However, my order does not appear on my account. Also, my credit card was billed twice even though I only ordered on hotspot. How do I get one of the charges reversed?


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    @cwat222 The order appears under the account you last logged into online with or last time before ordered. It never logs out until you click log out. If you have other existing accounts, login to each. Then hover over login ID to see devices in that account. One likely has an extra pair (yes, PAIR !) of Franklin Wireless R850 s.

    If they both arrive, pick one and "refuse" delivery. Or take to clerk at PO and "refuse" there. Open the other one. Since they are identical, is shouldn't matter. May want to "refuse" right after you confirm the opened one works fine.
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