Is there a way to make the phone's MIN, PhoneNumber and FreedomPop numbers match?

GoatGoat Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
My phone, an LG LS665, reports that it has different numbers for its NAM, Phone Number and the phone number that FreedomPop assigned. I understand that the only number that counts, evidently, is the FreedomPop number, even if it doesn't show in the About Phone -> Status section of Settings. It would be great to know why the numbers in the phone don't match, or if they can be changed, and why they don't seem to matter.

Other than that, it's working great!


  • Dennis BourniqueDennis Bournique Posts: 137FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    The phone number that shows in About Phone > Status is the devices's Sprint phone number. FreedomPop is essentially a data only service, calls and messaging are only possible by using the FreedomPop (or other) app. The underlying Sprint account is data-only, but because of the way Sprint's system works, it still needs a phone number. Because it's a data-only account, this number can't make or receive calls so it's of no use to the end user

    The MIN (Mobile Identity Number) is another number used internally by the Sprint network. Although it has the same format as a phone number it's not a phone number.

    Some phone's have a hidden programily menu that let you change the MIN and the phone number but doing so will cause your service to stop working.
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