Will the new 3 in 1 gsm sim card with prepaid plan work in my FreedomPop LG G3?

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I have a FreedomPop LG G3 phone and am paying $32/month for service. The ad that FP sent me for this new prepaid plan would cut my fees in half for what appears to be the same service. But when I go to the activate page the write up says that it comes with a 3 in 1 LTE sim card compatible with GSM phones. I'm confused. Will it work in my phone? Can I get the prepaid service in my LG G3? Thanks, Ray


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    The LG G3 is most likely a CDMA phone locked to Sprint's network. FreedomPop sells phones for use on this network for last 3+ years.
    In last 2 years they added access to AT&T's network via FreedomPop SIMs. This is the promotion you received. To use, need an unlocked GSM phone. (although I'm told that a GSM phone locked to A&T specifically will work too) Phones previously used on companies that use either AT&T or T-Mobile networks when unlocked & and have either Android 4.0+ or iOS 8.2+ will work with this SIM.

    FreedomPop does sell 2 GSM models but they come with a SIM and standard pricing on monthly plans. The nearly 1/2 price of the 2 GB monthly plan is available with specially setup SIMs. You would need to provide your own GSM phone.

    If you wanted a NEW GSM phone, look at the BLU brand and Moto G4 Play on Amazon. Both offer $100-$150 phones with a lot of great features. The Play covers all 5 Networks, you can use just about any cellular carrier you wanted any where in country. BLU offers some low cost ones under $50 all new.
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