Completely confused

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Okay, here goes. I purchased a used Samsung Galaxy S3 from a 3rd party. It has a clean ESN. I submitted the wrong number (Hex number that was off by one) and it went through via the BYOD registration method on the website. I got my MSL in an e-mail and it states it is an incorrect code when I attempt to reset via the ##786# method. I contacted Freedompop tech support via the phone (I tried e-mail but it has been 3 days and no response and I tried posting here and the post seems to have never made it to the board) and explained that the phone had the wrong IMEI, etc. number. I gave them the valid one (DEC number) and they stated that I needed to contact Sprint to get it released before I could proceed (which is a real pain as I bought it from a 3rd party and need to try to contact them). Yet, out of curiosity tonight I submitted the same DEC via the website and it went through no problem.


  • Warren RoseWarren Rose Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
    Nevermind, I got it sorted out. I really wish they would clarify with the BYOD that the DEC number is what they are after (confirmed by both Freedompop tech support and Sprint tech support). ESN/IMEI and MEID (which includes both HEX and DEC numbers) is very vague and borderline misleading.
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