@Taylor: Need help unassigning my iPhone from FreedomPop

Zain DadaZain Dada Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Hi Taylor,

Back in April, I signed up for your BYOD service with my iPhone 5 (which I purchased with through Sprint). A couple of weeks ago, I called-in to cancel my account, as I would like to sell the phone to a friend.

When I log in to my FreedomPop account, I see red banner saying, "Your account was previously cancelled". However, when I check my MEID (at http://swappa.com/esn/), it says that my device is still active.

After reading other people's posts, I believe that my device has not been unassigned from my FreedomPop account. Taylor, when you have a moment, would you be able to pull up my account and see if you can assign the device? I would like to sell my iPhone soon.

Thank you! I appreciate the help :)

For reference, my MEID # is: 99000278232952


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