Only $0.01 4G LTE Sim + 2GB Bonus Data + Free Shipping!

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How is this plan different?
  • 30-day risk-free trial: FreedomPop offers 30-days risk-free trial as opposed to competitors, who offer shorter trial periods. Try us for 1-mo. Cancel or downgrade anytime.
  • We don’t change our plan pricing: Take advantage of FreedomPop our discounted $24.99/mo plan pricing and Premier Service at $7.99/mo as long as you stay on the plan and service. The $24.99 and $7.99 will be billed every month post first month trial.
  • We use VOIP technology: With our GSM LTE Sims, we currently only offer talk over VOIP. This allows users to make calls over our data network or over WiFi anywhere in the world. This helps us keep costs down and offer plans that lower than other carriers.

What about the Free Plan?
We will always offer our free plan. Downgrade directly from your FreedomPop account page anytime once your device ships and your service is activated.

Please Note! When downgrading to the free plan, an account balance of $2 is required to protect from fraud and leakage, as data usage can be delayed up to 3 hours. There is a pop-up alert before to confirm a $5 charge to add credit into your account. Downgrade is not complete until the pop-up is accepted.
Learn more here -

After downgrading to our free basic plan, a $0.01 charge can be applied, please refer to our Service Plans Terms agreement under "Active and Suspended Broadband and Phone Service”.

What network does FreedomPop use?
All our 4G LTE GSM Sim Deals work off a TOP US GSM Provider to provide our users with Nationwide 4G LTE. If you aren’t sure or want to know more, feel free to PM us.

Do I need to activate it?
It will arrive already activated to your account. You will just need to setup the APN and download our APP. Please follow the instructions on the package the sim card came in.

Will I be able to keep my current FreedomPop number?
Yes! With this upgraded LTE SIM account you will first need to choose a new number and if desired to transfer over your number on an active FreedomPop account please contact us here for Admin assistance via PM or visit our Community Forums with your transfer requests.

Will I be able to port in my phone number from another carrier?
Yes! You will first need to choose a new number and if desired to port in a phone number from another carrier please refer to the following support article: number
Please Note: There is a $9.99 fee to port in a number.

Why was I charged $0.01?
We strive to offer a low cost mobile phone alternative to larger carriers. After downgrading to our free basic plan, a $0.01 charge can be applied, please refer to our Service Plans Terms agreement under "Active and Suspended Broadband and Phone Service”.

How do I earn extra data? (Freedom Friends)

You can earn additional free data each month by connecting with friends on FreedomPop! You'll earn 50MB of additional data for every friend that joins our service per month, up to a maximum of 500 MBs per month. Both your account and your friends account must be active. If either account is dormant, sharing data will not work.

You can also share data between friend accounts (a maximum of 500 MBs, and 100 MBs with each friend). The account sharing data must be an active one. If the account is inactive it cannot share data with any friends and data cannot be requested of that account.

Please Note: If you have already received 500MBs of data -- either from the automatic Freedom Friends function that gives you 50MBs per friend or from data that has been shared with you -- you will not be able to accumulate more data from Friends. Please refer to the following support article for more information regarding Freedom Friends:

Have an Account or Billing Issue?
We encourage all our users to come to us first to see if we can explain any charge or resolve any billing issue before further escalation.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by logging into your account with your email and password. If you have multiple Phone, SIMs or Hotspots under the same email account, make sure you are logged into the correct device that you want to cancel. Please refer to this support article for more information:
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