My overdrive pro shuts down because it says the battery is critucally low

Margaret AtchleyMargaret Atchley Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
Issue is---I'm plugged into the power outlet. Whats up?

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  • Margaret AtchleyMargaret Atchley Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    Actually that was my thought also. Went to Sprint and had them plug it in on there charger and it worked fine. So I bought a new charger cable. Thanks so much for the quick response. Was delighted to find it in my email. I thought I might have to pour though the forum looking for the answer---like I said new to forum, Again thanks
  • thewampthewamp Posts: 77FreedomPop Newbie
    My Sierra Overdrive Pro 802S pruchased from FreedomPop, came with a Motorola AC Charger which the label says has a 200mA 5VDC output. Page 138 of the user guide says, "Current Maximum: 1000 mA". The hotspot shuts down after using the device for about 2 hours when the charger is plugged into an AC outlet. How can a 200 mA charger possibly keep up with the power needs of a device that takes more current that the charger is capable of supplying?

    I found a picture of the label on such a chargersold with a new Overdrive Pro , which clearly shows that the original Sierra Charger power output is 5.2V at 1.2A (1200 mA).

    So, purchasers of this device, especially if refurbished, as mine was, need to be aware of the fact that FreedomPop may not include a charger with enough current output to allow continuous use of the hotspot.

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