Have Sprint service now with Galaxy SII, but out of contract. How can I BYOD with same phone?

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When I entered my MEID in the BYOD section of Freedompop, I got the message that my device wasn't eligible. However, my account is in good standing with Sprint, and my Samsung Epic 4g Touch (Galaxy SII) is supported by Freedompop. I can only assume that my device isn't eligible since I'm still with Sprint at the moment. In that case, could someone please tell me how to move my phone to Freedompop? (Sprint gave me the MSL code for my phone and said Freedompop should know what to do with it, but the Freedompop reps. I dealt with didn't.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    If ESN is really clean, and device is in BYOD list, then only cause left is you phone is no inactive. You need it to be inactive for a number of day for BYOD to say it will work. FP's answer is up to 30 days.

    Once esn clean, device on BYOD list, and sufficient time inactive THEN is becomes eligible.
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    @smkite Once you terminate with sprint, you will have to wait for at most 30 days to BYOD your Galaxy SII. Whenever that happens, go to freedompop.com/byod
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