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Review Regarding Recent Experience - FreedomPop Does The Right Thing!

tech_stitchtech_stitch Posts: 21FreedomPop Newbie
Recently, I purchased a SIM but there was an error in the checkout process resulting in me being charged but the order not shipping. Later FreedomPop accidentally charged my account for the monthly service for the SIM that was refunded. The FreedomPop forum was very helpful. In fact, @Karina (one of the admins here) helped with this entire experience. This comes to show that while errors may occur, FreedomPop will do the right thing.

As always, don't expect a 24 hour response of customer service if you do not pay. In fact, many companies that I do business with have taken longer than FreedomPop to respond to online request! With that said, be patient and know that while mistakes can happen due to system issues or human error, they will stand by what is right. Also, understand that if you are not a paying customer, that delays can happen. Please be rational and use common sense when it comes to that. I mean, you can't have free and also demand lightning fast service. Enjoy your service!
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