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I ordered SIMs using the wrong email and can't login to the site, how do I change it?
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    They are sending me emails to my old email address. I can't place a order that I want to until I can change or delete it. I can't even find it online and there is not a phone number I can use. When I do call, it ask me for my account number. But I don't have one. By the time I get some help, if I ever do, the deal I want will be gone.
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    Same issue. I don't have access to email used as login account. I don't mind to using it, but because of the issue I can't receive any emails from FP. I read somewhere here that there are two places where user email address is used: login and contact address. But i could not find editing of contact email anywhere in my FP account's pages. I tried to change email on Login Details page, but it would not let me to save changes. Please advise anyone who can
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