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Cannot Send Name Cards or Contacts via Text Messaging

ElKabongElKabong Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
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My Account: I am set up with “FreedomPop Premium Plus” which includes FreedomPop MMS Texting Service.

I can place and receive calls – on and off Wi-Fi
I can send and receive text messages with pictures attached – on and off Wi-Fi

Freedompop messaging is set as default at both these locations

Settings / More Networks / Default Messaging App = Freedompop messaging.
Settings / More / Default Applications / Messages / = Freedompop messaging.

I performed a factory reset just prior to installing the latest FP messaging App.
I have also cleared cache, data, and forced stopped all that stuff several times to no avail.

The Problem = I - CAN NOT….“send name cards” or attach a contact card of any kind to a text message to send.

There are two primary ways to send a name card or contact file via text messaging.
1. Direct from contacts with a long press on a contact.
2. Attach the contact after starting a text message.

Method 1. From the home screen Tap contacts / long press on a contact / select “Share Name Card” brings up a list of applications to choose from and Freedompop messaging is not one of the options to share via. – The now old native messaging app that comes with android on the phone is there though but cannot be used.

Method 2. Open messaging and start a text message / tap the paperclip to add an attachment / with Freedompop the left side menu appears listing Audio, Downloads, Samsung Link, Sound picker, Contacts, Gallery, Photos, Dropbox = The Contacts link is “DEAD-DOA” Nothing happens when tapped. All the others work and I can attach all kinds of files but no Contact Name Cards.

I also tried saving a .vcf file to sd card. I can point to that file to attach but get an error message that reads…Problem with attachment Please select your files from Gallery or other similar apps.

Thanks in advance for any and all help with this.
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  • david colemandavid coleman Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    I have same problem with Galaxy S4. 1/22/2018. Looks like another problem for the free service.
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