iphone 4: can I use the facetime feature?

Zhong DingZhong Ding Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
There has been some guide on how to enable facetime for a BYOD iphone 4, but the instruction is too unclear for me to follow. Could any experts out there give me step-by-step guide on how I can use facetime with the BYOD Iphone 4? I saw a few folks are as frustrated as I am. Thanks very much!


  • @Zhong Ding‌ - An easy work around in case anyone is interested is to leave iMessage and FaceTime on. Proceed to use your Apple ID and / or emails for iMessage. Although it says "Waiting for Activation" both will work. Go ahead and create a contact entry for the Sprint SMS number and block that contact from the iMessage settings. No more annoying SMS and you will receive your iMessages.
  • Zhong DingZhong Ding Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie

    Thanks for the response. I have read the same guidance earlier, and my question about "the instruction is unclear" is especially with respect to that answers - I don't understand what to do. For example, in the message, blocked, I added the 923-0 as an item, so now I do not receive the 'you can not send text ...' message any more. I then tried to use Facetime with my Apple ID and the error message is " to call your mobile carrier you need to ..." and the call can not go through. I had the FP program running on the background, and both cellular and Wifi enabled. What did I miss? Please help - Thanks very much!
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