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Smart Watch ? Android Wear 2.0

HungryBytemanHungryByteman Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
If I put a FreedomPop LG SIM card into the LG Urbane W200A unlocked smartwatch (item # B0184O3S3E at Amazon) will it work on the FP network? (especially on WiFi)

Alternately: I understand from this article:

computerworld . com/article/2919013/android/android-wear-on-wi-fi-using-a-smartwatch-without-a-phone-nearby.html

that Android Wear version 2.0 on a Smart Watch will allow a watch to pair with a smartphone, so even if you leave your phone at home, the watch will receive notifications and messages and e-mail, but not make or receive calls. Would such a smartwatch be compatible with FreedomPop on my Galaxy S5 as long as the phone is at home in a WiFi zone.

Feel free to suggest other watches that would allow remote receipt of messages and notifications when I forget the phone and leave it at home.


  • limeylimey Posts: 674FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    @HungryByteman - Interesting device - it looks like you'd get notifications from apps like gmail & hangouts, but I'm not sure that you'd get notifications/be able to make or answer calls/texts from the FP Messager app on the S5 via the watch, as the app doesn't broadcast the required intents to the android OS.

    Looking at the manual, I couldn't find how the APN is set on the watch, but assuming it can be set on the watch to use the appropriate FP setting, then you ought to be able to use one of FP's GSM SIMs with it - although, I don't think that the capability to make/receive calls/texts directly on the watch will work, since the FP SIMs rely on the FP app to provide voice/texts & the watch's native voice/text apps would require cellular voice service, which FP's SIMs don't provide.
  • JarviswaitsJarviswaits Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
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