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How do I cancel a duplicate sim order?

Xavier VelasquezXavier Velasquez FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 2
I ordered the 0.01 cent LTE sim kit black friday special today and choose a phone number. After that a screen popped up telling me to redeem the special. When I clicked next it brought me back to the select phone number page. I checked my credit card and I have another 0.01 charge on my card. How do I cancel the second SIM card (to prevent future charges and such)?


  • Brayden GuyBrayden Guy FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 67 ✭✭✭
    Well if it has not gone through I would suggest that you contact an admin on here. If I remember correctly though I don't think they give refunds for things like this. I don't know how you mistakenly got more than 1 because it usually says somewhere that you are ordering another.
    Brayden Guy
  • Alex NelsonAlex Nelson FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 1
    I had the exact same thing happen, but didn't realize it until I got two Sim Card packets in the same mailing envelope. I guess I'll just drop one of them down to the absolutely Free package with no auto-topoff and keep it around since it is just a penny in sunk cost.
  • Rich Sias (16th)Rich Sias (16th) FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Master, FreedomPop Expert Posts: 2,675 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'd keep it is my vote too. Note: I've heard that there is a requirement for paying some deposit for future overages. It's supposed to be a one time deal. It may be useful as you get used to seeing how close to 500 MB you can get and not run into overages ever. After many months of occasional "oops" then you get real good and stay at $0 month after month. Also consider adding some Freedom Friends for up to 500 MB extra every month. Both on Facebook and at freedompop.com for meetups to signup with each other.
    Be my Valentine ZTE, Victory, LG Volt, & 803S
  • errol denniserrol dennis FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 1
    i have order the franklin hotspot on promotion they sent me two i only need one and i am trying to return the second one and i can't get to speak with a customer service,someone please help me how to return this item or get to a live operator thank you.
  • Rich Sias (16th)Rich Sias (16th) FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Master, FreedomPop Expert Posts: 2,675 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you have delivery already and have NOT opened the parcel, take it to the post office counter and tell clerk that you "refuse" delivery on that parcel. With holidays etc. wait until 28th to post inquiry on support if refund hasn't show up yet.
    Be my Valentine ZTE, Victory, LG Volt, & 803S
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