Calls Disconnect After 30 Minutes - HTC Evo 4G

JWPJWP Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
I have repeatedly experienced a frustrating problem where my calls are improperly disconnected after exactly 30 minutes when calling with my Evo 4G and connected to Wi-Fi.

This has happened when I am calling another cell phone or when I am calling a land-line phone, so I assume that the problem is with FreedomPop and/or the Sprint Network.

I looked into the Android 2.3.5 configuration of my Evo 4G for some sort of problem. I do have the option checked for "Lock WiFi - Prevent WiFi idle when SIP is connected". This option is found here: Menu - Expert Mode - Settings - Network - Lock WiFi.

I suspect that my FreedomPop account may not be set up properly or the FreedomPOP Messaging software has a bug. I am running version

I have not yet seen if this 30 minute call cut-off happens when I am using a regular cell phone voice call connection (that is, when I am not using Wi-Fi to place calls).

Please post to this if you are having the same problem. Thanks.


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