My first month was supposed to be free, but I was billed $13.98. Why?

I tried to use the customer service phone number provided (1-888-743-8107), but they connected me with a person that had a faded voice and sounded far away. I asked her to speak louder. In turn, she kept on saying "I can't hear you." So I hung up and tried again with the same results. Is there another phone number that works better.


  • @NANCY GARRITY‌ We are sorry that you had some difficulties talking with a phone agent. I have looked in to your account, and it looks like you were charged for FreedomPop Premier ($9.99), and for Freedom Pro 500MB (4G/3G) 4G ($3.99). I saw that this was part of your 1-month free trial, but since you did not downgrade yourself at the end of the month, the system automatically keeps you on the paid plan. If you would like to downgrade yourself to the free plan, you can do so by logging in to your account.
  • NANCY GARRITYNANCY GARRITY Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    No one told me that I needed to downgrade to the free plan. Will you remove the charges after I downgrade?
  • @NANCY GARRITY‌ I looked in to your account and I can see that a phone agent was able to issue you a prorated refund. Do you still have any more concerns or questions for me here?
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