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HTC 4G phone defective - need to set up an exchange

Hi - I am having trouble locating an email address or phone number for technical support. I have the refurbished HTC EVO 4G cell phone purchased thru FreedomPop and received a couple weeks ago - it semi crashes and won't make or receive calls, requires rebooting at least a couple times a day. I could live with the lockups, but the audio quality is unacceptable (not the call quality - per se) but the receiving and outbound audio quality. On the outgoing signal - there is a significant and constant back ground noise. The outbound using the cell phone's built-in mic is terrible. It sounds as if the gain is way too hot. I have not found a way to adjust the mic sensitivity.

I hooked up a Plantronics headset - the voice quality was much better but the background noise remains high. Bluetooth headset also improved the quality but the noise remains. My guess is that the input sensitivity is too hot, that might also explain the unacceptable level of background noise.


  • @Gordon Lincoln‌ - Go ahead and do an MSL reset. When performing a reset/ update, please make sure that you are in a strong 4G covered area in order for the reset/update to be successful. And please remember to back up all your info before the reset/update.

    Please dial ##786#. Select the "Reset" button (for the EVO 4G, you will have to tap the menu button to then see the reset option) and then enter your MSL code: 201587

    Hit the "Reset" button and your phone will restart.

    Once the phone has restarted it may enter hands free activation. If this does not happen, then you can do so by updating your phone's PRL and Profile manually. This can be done by going to Settings > Phone/ System updates > Update PRL and then repeat for update Profile.

    After those steps have been done and the problem still persists, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the messaging app.

    Please let me know if this solves your problem!
  • Marc TolksonMarc Tolkson Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    Darla I have exactly the same issues as Gordon. My EVO 4G has unusable phone call quality exactly as Gordon describes. Should I follow the same MSL reset instructions as you prescribed for him? My 4G service is always fair-poor at best. I have strong 3G and wi-fi however.
  • @Marc Tolkson‌ - Yes please go ahead and follow the same steps.Your MSL code is 148811.
  • Marc TolksonMarc Tolkson Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    Thank you for the reply, Darla. I followed those instructions (MSL reset, update PRL and Profile, reinstall Messaging App) While on WiFi or 3G and making a voice call, the person on the other end cannot hear me I have to scream for them to hear me faintly). I hear them perfectly. This has been my only issue with this service since I received the phone - but it is a significant issue. What do you suggest?
  • Heather KillianHeather Killian Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    I'm having similar issues with call quality. It's like the speaker is cutting in and out. Also had my boyfriend call me on another phone so I could hear what the call sounded like on the other end and it was horrible. Sounded like the call was placed in a wind tunnel. Will a MSL reset help my EVO too?
  • mira michalczykmira michalczyk Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    My Phone HTC Evo 4g stopped working. What I read on freedompop forums I need an update. When I put
    ##72786# asks for my msl number. Can you help me? Thanks.
  • mira michalczykmira michalczyk Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    My service stopped working, I need to make update but when I put ##72786# asks for my msl number.
    Can you help me, please?
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