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Thomas KerriganThomas Kerrigan Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
My plan is the $10.99 unlimited plan and it shows correctly on my account page but last month I was charged $20.98 for the month. What the heck is going on? If account is $10.99 why are you charging double the fee? This is unaceptable, if it was $20.98 a month I could understand but it's not.


  • @Thomas Kerrigan
    We're sorry to hear that, Thomas! I have looked in to your account, and on 6-24 you were charged the $10.99 for your unlimited plan, and you were charged an additional $9.99 (which, according to your account, you signed up for on 05-24). Was this a mistake? Please send me an update so that we can get this issue resolved for you as quickly as possible, thanks!
  • Thomas KerriganThomas Kerrigan Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    Right, I signed up for the unlimited plan, not sure what the 9.99 is for but now my phone no longer works. It will not connect to the service at all. The way the plans are set up is a bit confusing and might be how the extra charge came in but I only want the unlimited plan.

    Problem is nothing on my account page works now nor does my phone even if I put it on wifi at a wifi area it simply no longer connects to my account at all as if it doesn't exist. Also the home page now only shows the shipping and sign up info from when I first got my phone. Since the service as a whole is pretty good I would rather not have to walk away from it so anything you can do to resolve this would be appreciated.
  • Thomas KerriganThomas Kerrigan Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    Ok now account suspended for billing error. I am done, fix it or I am gone.
  • @Thomas Kerrigan‌ The $9.99 charge was for FreedomPop Premier. Were you not aware that you activated this? To reactivate your account, we ask that you add a valid banking card to your account (prepaid debit cards will not work). Please let me know if you need more help, thanks!
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