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Hi all,

I have my Samsung s3 activated and working. However I just noticed that the voice plan is not one the I want which is the 200 free plan. It's currently on unlimited costing $19.99/month. How do i change this?

Another issue I have is that the it's working intermittently. Sometimes I can't text, make or receive phone call. for text, it's "You are not allowed to send text message. Msg 2120". For voice, it's saying you are not authorize to call this number. Anybody has any ideas?

Please help. I have been on support holding for 2hr+.


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    Log into into myAccount.
    Go to plans, manage plan. Maybe one more click for something here ?
    Scroll far right and far down.
    You ought to see tiny text "downgrade the plan" ( in red ? ).
    Click on it. Keep answering that you REALLY want to downgrade. It's been a month, might have been two yeses, and a no, so read carefully.
    One through that, you're downgraded to free plan.
    Check services to see if you need to downgrade any there too.
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  • @Peter Chan‌ - I have looked into your account and it seems like your downgrade has been taken care of.

    As for your text and calling issues please trying uninstalling and then reinstalling the messaging app.

    Please let me know if this works out for you!
  • Peter ChanPeter Chan Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    thank you. will test.
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