iPhone Carrier logo change!

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Hey everyone!

Does it kinda feel weird that your FreedomPop phone says Sprint on it in the top left, even though it is a FreedomPop phone? Do you want to change it? By using the program CarrierEditor you are able to. This program is designed for Mac OS X version 10.6 and above and can change your carrier text. You can also change it to a real logo or brand if you want to, as long as the file is a Zeppelin file. This program accomplishes everything without the use of a Jailbreak which voids your warranty from FreedomPop. If you do not have a warranty and are willing to Jailbreak, then go ahead and do so. Afterwards, download Zeppelin and change your carrier text to a logo or even some other text. Now, your iPhone is truly a FreedomPop iPhone.

I might make a video on this, let me know what you think by commenting. Remember I am not responsible for anything that happens to your iPhone, do this at your own risk.


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